Huginn: Watching the white wheat, I was the first. Before Ask and Embla, the Highest made me, and I watched them, First Man and Woman. When water whelmed the world, I was watcher and I found land. When fire comes in the last days, I will see it come, and count the dying and the dead. Where will and power are one, so let it be.

Muninn: And thus he maps time, every image a legend, saying what the map must mean. And I follow, a minute murmur of a wingbeat behind, for memory makes maps material. And when he has forgotten Embla and Ask, First Mother and Father, I will keep them in mind; my monuments are for all their children. Amen, and amen.

H: I was thinking of poetry, in feet.

M: You can be so funny without meaning it. You've summarised our epic in four letters.

H: (offended) What are you talking about?

M: Feet. Leg ends.

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