Huginn: Is odd, you know. I see the Highest, one. I see us, two. But there are so many things in threes and fours. Did you see what I saw over the Shining Desert?

Muninn: Blast, heat, light - a trinity unseen in such guise before. A wind that swept all before it, a strange warmth, and a blinding light that struck men blind. I remember...

H: What do you remember?

M: There was an earthquake, wind and fire. And still, it was not the Name. In the end, it was the Voice, the unvoiced majesty which speaks through silence.

H: Even I know that the silence has spoken through us. As when that bearded insurrectionist refused to eat and we had to go feed him. A low point in my career, I would have said.

M: Let flesh be dumb; let sense retire - speak through the earthquake, wind and fire, O still small voice of calm!

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