Huginn: Some time ago, you went away. I did not find that to be a good thing. I felt unsettled.

Muninn: You are Thought. You don't admit to such things. But you must realise that all thoughts are Thought, and that includes feelings. You missed me.

H: I never miss.

M: That's true, but you're thinking of something else now. You're thinking in terms of Uller's bow, and the quality of you that went into it such that it would always hit its target. What you need to be thinking about is what thoughts come to you when something you take for granted is not there anymore.

H: Yes, I see now. It is missing, something not there, some completeness that has fallen short. I missed you. I was not pensive. I was... missive?

M: Not exactly the word. But your thoughts were heartfelt, and that's as it should be. Thought without memory is doomed to flightiness, not flight.

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