Huginn: I liked my riddle better. It is who we are, we are flight and the sheer joy of it, GMH notwithstanding. There is no brute valour, just the menace of the dark wing you cannot hide from.

Muninn: You are entitled to your ideas. But we named Goodfellow because he was not, and I liked him from the beginning because he was a rememberer too. I always wonder how Kipling managed to track him down.

H: (dismissively) Well, he never had two great thoughts to rub together. He was, and remains till the end, a joker.

M: Ah, but the joker is the only major arcanum left in the modern deck. And his race hides well from aerial surveillance.

H: We are so very different, you and I.

M: All powers are, who dwell in earth and sky.

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