Huginn: I saw over her shoulder, I saw the shield Hephaestos made. She was wrong to accept it, but what could she have done? And the Myrmidons followed him to a man.

Muninn: I saw over her other shoulder. I saw that Hephaestos made his shield with many layers of fine metalsmithing - and viewed from one side, it was a gorgon's terrible gaze of future war and infamy and the sordid sufferings and pathetic deaths of men. But the other side showed the well-governed cities and the olive trees she was looking for.

H: He didn't live long, and we watched his body burn on the pyre of his dreams. So young he was, Achilles the wrathful, Achilles the killer of men. His name will never be forgotten.

M: Yes, he ensured that with his vicious affray with Agamemnon. Then he refused armour and weapons and sulked until Patroklos killed himself in his place.

H: So young he was.

M: So young he tasted.

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