Huginn: The Macedonian was at it again. His little world, all his; his application of Aristotle, his again. Conquering, conquering. He has to know his name means 'defender of men', so why all that conquest?

Muninn: The Macedonian is long gone. You need to watch fewer kinematographa. Watch instead the name which is like his but not quite, 'the avenger'. That one has a future.

H: Somehow, the Greeks are still irritating to me. Bad philosophers, arrogant statesmen, clever fools.

M: Hush, dear. Alexandria, and Alexandria, and Alexandria, and Alexandria. They did preserve a lot of human knowledge.

H: Human claptrap! Aristotle, used in war, Clausewitz. Plato, used in politics, Marx. Socrates, used in religion, Nietzsche. The Germans irritate me too.

M: Well, the postmodern revolution has swept them away. Now it will even sweep itself away, and we can begin from scratch.

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