Huginn: It is all about surprise and faery and the quick turning of the world into something quite a bit other from what it was before.

Muninn: There were three princes of Serendip. Ah, we look for lost lands which were real, and forget those which never existed as if they were real. Taprobane, Songhkla, Maneris, Ys. So few remember, and so few remain.

H: It seems a rabid hybrid of serenity, rending, dipsomania and pity. It is like the games which schoolyard children play, prophesying friendship, courtship, hatred, love. There are always four, always for nothing.

M: Sudden eucatastrophe. Sudden pleasant surprise like the last chocolate-coated almond in the ice-cream.

H: And it is never predicted nor predictable, else it would not be.

M: And it must always be, or where would we?

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