Huginn: Vert, a hill far away, outside a city wall. I am over Jerusalem now.

Muninn: Why do you torment yourself? From the New Jerusalem to the Old City, we know that the City of Peace would never be the true end of mortal man. It is not our job, it never was our job to be more than watchers and tidiers, keepers and guardians. Our brethren in the Tower, our sisters in the Glade, we are all one.

H: But we, we are two. We are different. We are more than they, and there is a green hill far away.

M: It is vertical, and veritical, and there are now no crosses there. It is not the time, and the time is long ago by the clocks of men.

H: It is tempting to think of what might have been.

M: That is the crux: it is a temptation, and we want to be no closer to darkness than that.

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