Divine Intervention

Huginn: If only this were like an armillary sphere, all mechanical and predictable. Instead, here we are, children of Chaos and Old Night, shooting trouble for the Highest.

Muninn: Well, this is all we have; mortals pray for divine intervention, little realising that this means us. And it's 'troubleshooting', dear.

H: Same thing. Why is it that we have to intervene anyway? Doesn't the Most High have everything laid out nicely?

M: I know that the Highest commands, and it is; commanded, and it was; will command, and ever it will be. There is nothing hidden.

H: Yes, even the interventions are scripted. So have we no free will?

M: I am beginning to suspect it is true, but there is no way to test it; and although mortals have free will, the Highest knows their wills constrain each other. They are like spent swimmers who cling together, choking their art.

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