Huginn: I see four at the table, and one to count score. I see a contract for 6NT, a grand slam, twelve tricks of six over the first six. There are no trumps in play, this game will be won by sequence and strength alone.

Muninn: I have seen games like this. I see these players, I enumerate their failings. North is somewhat nimble, but prone to commit early and play as if his plan is all there is, and he is a poor defender. South is optimistic, defends well, but is somewhat cowed by her superior partner.

H: And the other pairing? I see that one is ruthless, but the other seems toothless. An interesting couple. Can they defeat the contract?

M: Indeed, they will try their best. West is an old campaigner, and wily with it. East is new, but stubborn and able to mess things up against inferior players.

H: What are the stakes? It seems to me that tricks are not all that are at stake. I see lives there. I see a toll which may reach the thousands.

M: There will be stakeholders. Hope that they will defeat the vampires. North leads the knave of spades. Watch.

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