Huginn: I was thinking about currency, the anchor of the present, the thing which keeps the current current. And now the lands we have overflown for aeons, they are the rapidly-expanding Union of Europe, and their currency is the ecu.

Muninn: And would you rather the currency be franc, or pound, or other relic of a distant past not current?

H: I was wondering about the ecu; why not call it the monet? It would be easy to say that you had a monetary policy, whereas an ecunomic policy looks like a typographical error. And besides, the French would be happy.

M: Frankly, they are never happy. They would see it as some kind of subtle insult probably originating from the Saxons.

H: Ah well, it is rare for me to muse on aesthetics, and these conversations remind me of why.

M: There were nine muses. It would be sad to have Clio rule them all. We would not be amused.

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