Huginn: As errant as a goodnight kiss might be, it is as inexplicable as many things also inexplicable to the rational mind. I have never got to the bottom of that question: why do mortals dream of the irrational?

Muninn: Yes, and they have always had problems believing in us too. What is your point?

H: My point is that of all the things they should believe in, they do not believe in many; of the things they should not believe in, they believe in too many.

M: Ah, but the things they should not believe in are many and are often real. Like us. We are the spectre of many dooms for them, the two ravens aflight.

H: But they believe in silly things like universal suffrage, equal rights, the common dignity of man, and rubbish like that.

M: If only we could believe in such things. But we cannot; we have seen beyond the four simple elements, and we know the truth. And therefore we are accursed.

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