Sun's Day

Huginn: Revolution raises the sun each day. Funny how mortals don't see that heliocentric or geocentric matters not; the field of Arbol is itself spinning faster than they know.

Muninn: I remember what is, what was, what will be. Mortals remember what they think, what they believed, what they hope for. In the end, we look different to each generation of mortals, even though we are the same.

H: So east and west and north and south are different or irrelevant to them?

M: No no no... they know south is south, remains south, was south, will be south. But their ideas of south change, and one day, their grandchildren will say, there is no south because our ancestors had so many different ideas about it. And their grandchildren's grandchildren will claim even more evidence that south cannot exist, or that it is many.

H: Haha. Must tell that to Polaris, who relieved the last Pole Star, and will be replaced by another, and yet knows North is still North.

M: Ah, but then again, while our North and South are forever, the merely physical north and south have changed places several times. Poor silly mortals are half right, as usual. And half left.

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