Huginn: They asked, "What is truth?" and Esdras replied, "Great it is, and it prevails." Pilate's hidden answer might have been, "It is the man before you," but we will never know.

Muninn: What an odd focus you have today! I was there, I remember as they hung him high and nailed him fast. There are agonies even a raven must turn her face away from.

H: I was thinking of truth, of aletheia, of that which is not lost and not forgotten. Things which are real, and are never swallowed by oblivion.

M: It happened. My curse is to remember until the end of all things; and should all things not end, to remember forever.

H: But the interpretation of things? Who holds fast to that, without which all things are sound and fury, signifying nothing?

M: I think that's your task, and thus is the curse shared equally.

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