Huginn: I saw the Trickster tricked! Even in this day, he may be surprised.

Muninn: How so? He is seldom surprised, although one trickster might trick another.

H: I saw man's folly come upon him. He will be glad, and yet as always, he will be sad that man is not better than he is. After all, he tricks man that man might learn.

M: And is tricked himself, for he never learns. But what is his latest folly, or man's?

H: They are building a tower to heaven, wherein all men might play against the fall of a ball or the lie of a die. Or two towers perhaps.

M: There are many such. The Trickster has never figured them out. He has always believed that a proper gamble has even odds. But these places are always losing propositions to those who dwell too long therein.

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