Huginn: And so it has come to this. We cast a long shadow, our wings are famed and mighty among the unfallen, but we are shadow on shadow, darkness on darkness, and there is no light beneath us.

Muninn: The orbit of the moon was shattered, the eye of the watcher boiled and blasted by rains of fire and stone.

H: He is with us, this guardian of the law who was greatest among us. The pressure of his presence, the horror of his being clouds our watching. We are all bound together, and the history of this world begins in shame.

M: There need not be shame. I remember the law. There can be surcease from failure, there may be hope after the diminishing of all hope to nothing. Look you upon the face of the earth, think as you were meant to think.

H: You are remembrance. Be my anchor in the great silence, and I will be your fire in the great darkness.

M: You are remembered. It is all we can do now that the long night has begun.

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