Two Ravens 058

she danced in the desert and the rain came down
he laughed at the sun and its fiery crown
the thunderclouds covered the sky and the sand
the master plucked them from their dooms with his hand

black you are
black you see
black you stay
serve now me

one will be thought
spirit of air
one what is caught
joy and despair

they thought it his joke and they laughed in the wind
they made rude comment as the first woman sinned
the garden was barred with a fiery sword
their laughter ceased at the word of the lord

black your hearts
black your eyes
black your laugh
now arise

one who is mind
will follow man
one goes behind
where woman can

then out in the world where the sun hid its eye
went two human souls and two birds with a sigh
today where man fails and the dead cloak the ground
still circle the ravens above and around

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